Lightning-Fast Cloud Reporting and Analytics Built for Business Central

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The Next Generation of Business Central Reporting

Cosmos was built to help Business Central users make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. By eliminating the reporting bottlenecks and performance issues that so many on-premise third-party reporting tools include, Cosmos makes it easy to create a report or Power BI dashboard using optimized Business Central data.

Reporting for Everyone

Reporting for Everyone

User-friendly, intuitive reporting and analytics that everyone can use successfully.
Centralized, Secure Data

Centralized, Secure Data

Centralized, secure access to your data in one unified Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
Limitless, Simultaneous Reports

Limitless, Simultaneous Reports

Lightning-fast, simultaneous reporting without tying up Excel or other business applications.
30 Reports in 30 Minutes

30 Reports in 30 Minutes

Create reports in a few clicks with a library of pre-built, customizable report templates built for Business Central.

What is Cloud Reporting?

What’s the real difference between a cloud and on-premise reporting solution? Find out more in this informative blog post!

Start Creating User-Friendly Reports in Minutes

Cosmos leverages the familiar Microsoft Excel environment to quickly and easily build, customize, and share meaningful reports and Power BI dashboards. Built specifically for users, it requires absolutely no data modeling or technical expertise!

Eliminate the Complexities of Power BI

Get the most out of Power BI with our unique two-way Power BI integration functionality. Unlike other third-party reporting solutions, Cosmos gives you the ability to easily create robust dashboards, charts, and graphs based on optimized data without code—so you can find the answers you need with the push of a button.

30 Essential Business Central Reports You Need

Opportunities to develop and grow your business are easier to find and act on when you have accurate data and actionable reports at your fingertips. Here is a sneak peek at the 30 essential pre-built reports included in Cosmos!

Become a Cosmos Partner

As the first (and only) cloud reporting platform built for Business Central, Cosmos is easy to use and most importantly, easy to sell. Your customers get access to a unified reporting solution that is fast, intuitive, and built for data-driven decision making – and partners get access to a comprehensive learning center, a simplified pricing model that’s easy to understand, and ongoing marketing support.

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