Chatting With Cosmos: 30 Business Central Reports in 30 Minutes

April 25, 2023
3 min read

Companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central continue to waste valuable time and money on slow, manual reporting processes often brought on by older Excel practices or legacy reporting solutions that aren’t fully developed and adapted for the cloud. This common Business Central data challenge is why Turnkey Technologies features Cosmos in one of its latest Turnkey 365 podcasts.   

Chuck Coxhead, CRE at Turnkey Technologies, interviews Cosmos co-founder and Microsoft Dynamics data and reporting industry expert Anthony Bonaduce to spotlight how businesses can finally stop struggling with time-consuming copy-and-paste style reporting. Instead, organizations with Business Central can quickly get up and running with lightning-fast reporting in the cloud using Cosmos’ 30 essential report templates in 30 minutes.

As Anthony explains in this engaging and informative episode, Cosmos has many benefits over traditional, on-prem reporting processes. For many companies with Business Central, tasks like month-end close are still painfully slow, often requiring 40 hours or more each month to complete. With Cosmos, you can run simultaneous reports 48 times faster than with other Excel reporting tools or processes. That means less time waiting on reports and more time analyzing data and strategic planning.

Find Out How to Push the Easy Button

The real proof is in the extremely fast, fully cloud-based Cosmos reporting solution built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – organizations can easily get up and running on day one with incredible time to value. But as Anthony discusses in-depth on this podcast, Cosmos isn’t just about improving the speed and ease of your operations; it is also about increasing your ability to analyze large volumes of data, spot trends at a glance, and have time to focus on all those other intangibles that make the real difference in taking your business to new heights with cloud technology.

Responsive and Real: Best Business Central Reporting Experience

In the podcast, Anthony and Chuck chat about how there is a responsiveness missing with a lot of the other reporting and analytics tools on the market for Business Central today. Let’s be real: dealing with outdated day-to-day reporting and analytics can drive you around the bend, all while introducing risks and inefficiencies to the business. Cosmos is different.  

The team at Cosmos will pick up the phone right away because the focus from the beginning has always been on the entire user experience, both in the application and with the product team. Cosmos allows every part of the reporting process to be simplified and secured, from robust dashboards that anyone can create to centralized access to all the data needed to build new reports in the familiar Excel environment and run existing ones. Even reporting and data tasks that used to be more technical and daunting, like managing user permissions or updating the data model, are now in one easy-to-use, intuitive, unified platform.  

Harvard Business Review recently reported that companies that embrace a data-driven culture experience four times improvement in revenue and customer satisfaction. To quote Anthony, “I mean, what else do you need to hear?”

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