Snapshot of Directions North America 2024

April 26, 2024
3 min read

Our team recently had the fantastic opportunity to attend Directions North America 2024, a premier event for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners and professionals. Hosted by Directions for Partners, this annual conference is a hub for networking, learning, and innovation in the Microsoft Dynamics community.

Highlights from Our Directions NA Experience

Record-Breaking Session:

We were thrilled to see the overwhelming response to our session! With more than 93 people registering, we had three times the average number of registrants compared to other sessions in our time slot. A big thank you to everyone who joined us to learn and engage.

Premiere of Partner Testimonial Video:

We debuted our brand-new partner testimonial video, showcasing the incredible feedback and support we’ve received. It was a proud moment to share our accomplishments and highlight the trust our partners place in us.

Partner Meetings:

Our booth was buzzing with activity throughout the event! We had over 40 partner meetings, fostering new connections and strengthening existing relationships. It was a pleasure to engage with so many like-minded professionals and discuss potential collaborations.

Recognitions and Achievements:

We were honored to shed light on the awards we received from customer reviews. These recognitions serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Cosmos Space Suits:

Adding a touch of fun to the event, we embraced the Cosmos vibe by wearing space suits! Our unique attire was a huge hit, sparking conversations and smiles wherever we went.

Learning from Microsoft:

We had the opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies from Microsoft, including the everyday AI companion – Copilot! We’re eager to integrate AI and other innovations into Cosmos to further enhance our offerings and provide added value to our partners and customers.

Quality Time with Friends and Partners:

Beyond the sessions and meetings, what truly made this year’s Directions NA event special was the quality time spent with friends and partners in our channel. It’s these connections and shared experiences that make Directions NA more than just a conference—it’s a community.

Oh, and we can’t forget…


Our dinosaur mascots, Navis and Solomon, made a fun appearance at the conference! They learned about cloud safety and the shift from on-premise software, adding a playful touch to our booth and sparking conversations about evolving tech.

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After Directions North America 2024 wrapped up, the buzz around cloud reporting and Business Central grew stronger. Demand for innovative, user-friendly solutions is higher than ever, and Cosmos is at the forefront of meeting these needs. 

Our dedication to providing the fastest, most versatile reporting and analytics solution for Business Central remains unwavering. Now is the perfect time to join our expanding global network of partners. Whether you’re looking to shed on-premise limitations or align with the future of cloud reporting, Cosmos is here to support you every step of the way.

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