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The Cosmos Self-Service Reporting Advantage  

June 19, 2023
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Imagine being able to run reports whenever you want, without having to rely on others. That’s the beauty of self-service reporting; it gives you the freedom to build, run, and customize reports all on your own – eliminating the downtime of waiting on other departments. 

Everyday users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central quickly discover the limitations and complexities of accessing the right data and formatting reports. Although Business Central includes many out-of-the-box reporting features, the lack of self-service capabilities creates a dependence on other personnel, which bottlenecks even the smallest of tasks. Many people end up spending several days a month just trying to manually collect and sort their data, whereas companies leveraging intuitive, self-service reporting can easily produce reports, often in under a minute, giving valuable time back to productive analysis and better decision-making. 

That’s where Cosmos fits. Designed specifically for the average non-technical user – the accountant, the salesperson, the CEO – Cosmos was created by industry veterans who understand the demand for self-service, lightning fast reporting from Business Central. Cosmos is a cloud reporting solution built to make your Business Central data intuitive and easy to work with. It provides the data access, speed, and user-driven reporting capabilities needed to create, run, and manage all the financial statements and operational reports and dashboards you need, in the format you want, at the click of a button. 

Everyone should be able to get the data they need right when they need it, from anywhere. To learn more out more about what on-demand, ad hoc reporting and analytics can do for your business and hear how Cosmos has already made an impact on several Business Central customers, watch the video below.   

Why Choose Cosmos for Business Central? 

Our co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Anthony Bonaduce, answers this question in a short, informative 2-minute and 10-second video:

In this product overview video, Anthony highlights the key features of reporting with Cosmos, or as he refers to it, “reporting on YOUR terms.” As the first cloud-based reporting and analytics solution built specifically for Business Central cloud, Cosmos provides easy access to your data, user-friendly report creation tools, useful pre-built reports that are customizable, and free on-demand training and support.  

Designed by a team of experts who are passionate about helping you make your data work for you, in the format you want, Cosmos is quickly building a reputation among Dynamics Business Central users and partners for its incredible speed and intuitive user experience. It also seamlessly integrates within your existing Microsoft environment enabling users to experience instant value. 

“The beauty of Cosmos is that everything you see in a demo, everything we show you when you look at the product – you can have up and running in 20 minutes or less.”

– Anthony Bonaduce

With effortless installation and quick user adoption, Cosmos delivers the reporting functionality Business Central users need to build and share reports in one unified, secure cloud platform. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out more about how our customers are realizing value with Cosmos cloud reporting software in the next section.  

How Cosmos Customers Save Time with Self-Service Reporting  

How long does it take you to build and run a report? One of our customers previously spent 2 hours generating a vital report from Business Central every single day. On the first day of implementing Cosmos, he already built the report and it took less than a minute to run! Cosmos cloud reporting has helped this employee free up 2 hours a day – or 10 hours a week – to now put towards analyzing data or other value-added tasks. Talk about incredible time-savings! 

But that’s not all. In addition to speed and time savings, self-service reporting with Cosmos simply makes life easier for Business Central users. Without the typical obstacles or bottlenecks associated with running reports, everyone can do their jobs more efficiently and make decisions confidently. We’ve heard from several customers that having this flexibility is truly a game-changer. One of those customers is Layne Water Midstream.  

Layne Water Midstream is an oil and gas operator based in The Woodlands, Texas. With extensive monthly financial reporting demands, the company’s finance team found reporting in Business Central slow and tedious. Without the technical skills to access data and format reports, it was a stressful week every month of manual data consolidation and reconciliations. Since implementing Cosmos, their team has experienced significant day-to-day time savings and overall process improvements. Instead of spending several hours creating an AR aging or an AP aging report, they can now efficiently run an up-to-date report in Cosmos at the click of a button, all in the exact format they want. 

According to the Controller, Dave Pittenger, “I now actually have time to think and ask whether a number makes sense. Instead of trying to fit a square number in a round hole, Cosmos gives me the speed, accuracy, and confidence to analyze the data and anticipate questions coming my way in meetings.” For Dave’s team, faster self-service reporting from Business Central has freed up more time for financial analysis and operational decision-making. Read the full case study below.

Layne Water Midstream

Discover how a Texas-based water midstream operator uses Cosmos to tap into accurate Business Central data, drill into detailed financial reports, and save time on reporting.

Read Full Case Study

Experience Lightning-Fast Reporting in Business Central for Yourself!  

If you’re ready to see what self-service reporting out of Business Central can do for your business, talk to us! We want to learn more about your business challenges and show you how Cosmos can solve them.  

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