Free Your Users With Accessible Analytics and Business Intelligence

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Cosmos Product Overview in Less Than 3 Minutes

Make Faster, Smarter Decisions in the Moment

It’s time to stop worrying about your data and start using it to your advantage. Cosmos provides the simplified self-service reporting and analytics you need to make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. With user-friendly BI tools, governed data, and seamless Power BI integration, users can easily analyze large volumes of data quickly so that they can spot trends and opportunities across the organization.

Organized, governed data directly from Business Central

Self-service reporting and BI without complex data modelling and coding

Single unified platform to manage data, reporting, and analytics

“It used to take me half a day and a separate laptop to run and calculate my commission’s report using our on-premise reporting software. With Cosmos in the cloud, I can run this report in seconds!”

Amy Axness, Direction of Finance
J&D Manufacturing

Take Control of Your Data

The Cosmos Data Engine provides all the benefits of a traditional data warehouse (without the expensive price tag) to create a single source of truth. Users can quickly and easily consolidate and cleanse their business data into a single data model that is optimized for reporting and BI. That means your data is always ready for reporting and easy to access without any help from technical resources.

Uncover Trends and Opportunities at a Glance

Cosmos includes the flexible, user-friendly reporting and BI tools you need to dive deeper into your Business Central data, share information across your organization, and make impactful decisions. With all of your data, reports, and dashboards available in one place, you can monitor KPIs and access real-time reports and dashboards from anywhere.

See Actionable Results on Day One

Most enterprise business intelligence projects take upwards of 6 months. As the only cloud reporting and analytics solution built for Business Central, we’ve chopped that timeframe down to 30 minutes! Cosmos includes 30 pre-built reports directly out-of-the-box, so once your data is connected – you can start creating reports and dashboards instantly!

See it to Believe it

Opportunities to develop and grow your business are easier to find and act on when you have accurate data and actionable reports at your fingertips. Here is a look at 30 pre-built reports for Business Central included in Cosmos!

Cosmos Business Intelligence FAQ

No, there’s no coding required to create reports or modify the underlying data model. The entire product is built for business users, not technical resources. 

Yes. There are dozens of reports and dashboards that are available for immediate use via the Cosmos Report Gallery. Unlike other tools, all of these will work out of the box, on day 1. 

Yes. With Cosmos, you can create dashboards in Microsoft Excel, or ideally, in Microsoft Power BI via our 2-way Power BI integration. Since your data is already in a format that Power BI ‘likes’, you can hook up to your Cosmos data model in just a few clicks and begin creating dashboards via drag & drop functionality. No coding required. 

Our BC Extension on AppSource allows Cosmos to pull in data from any table or field within Business Central. This includes custom tables and fields, ISV tables, per tenant extensions, etc. If it’s in your BC tenant, Cosmos has access to it for reporting. 

Yes. These can be loaded into Business Central directly, then accessed through Cosmos (recommended approach). Alternatively, Cosmos can ingest this information via Excel on a semi-frequent basis. 

Yes. Cosmos offers functionality to leverage your Cosmos data from directly within Microsoft Power BI. This allows you to skip writing data queries, SQL code, and DAX language, inside of Power BI. In addition, Cosmos can read Power BI workspaces, reports, and dashboards, on a per user basis and display them inside of the users Cosmos tenant. 

Yes, all training is free and available on-demand on the Cosmos website. We offer a robust knowledgebase with over 300 articles to help you get the most of out your Cosmos investment.