Build Your Own Dashboards Without Technical Skills

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30 Essential Business Central Reports You Need

Opportunities to develop and grow your business are easier to find and act on when you have accurate data and actionable reports at your fingertips. Here is a sneak peek at the 30 essential pre-built reports included in Cosmos!

Shift the Emphasis to Actionable Analysis

Let’s face it, there’s a time and a place for tabular reports. Cosmos enables users to quickly create visual dashboards to enhance your reporting practices and provide a more analytical view of your business performance. We’ve made it easy to build, modify, and share accurate dashboards across your organization so you monitor key performance indicators in real time and collaborate on the fly. With more time dedicated to analysis and deeper insights into your business, you’ll be able to make the high impact decisions you’ve always wanted.

Unified cloud platform to manage data, reporting, and analytics
Familiar dashboard design with no technical expertise required
Pre-organized data for accurate insight and analysis

Visualize Your Business Metrics in a Few Clicks

Cosmos provides the perfect mix of data and visuals that will allow your users to analyze large volumes of data quickly so that they can identify trends and opportunities at a glance. With pre-optimized data at their fingertips, users can easily build and format personalized dashboards with powerful charts, graphs, and maps inside of familiar Excel online or Power BI interfaces.

Self-Service Analytics for Everyone

Analytics and data-driven intelligence is no longer reserved for technical experts. We’ve eliminated all of the data modeling and coding bottlenecks that make it difficult for average users to build reports and dashboards in Business Central and replaced it with a foolproof point-and-click environment. The Cosmos Portal and intuitive report builder allow you to:

  • Access all reports and dashboards (including Power BI) in one place
  • Create, modify, and share dashboards
  • Filter and format existing queries and dashboards
  • Publish into production and collaborate across your organization

Interpret Mountains of Data with Power BI

Instantly connect your data with Power BI using Cosmos’ two way integration feature. Cosmos Power BI Integration allows users to not only access their Cosmos data model from within Power BI, but also allows Cosmos to display Power BI Workspaces from within Cosmos. This provides users with the means to effortlessly create Power BI dashboards and reports without the hassle of trying to wrangle together data with SQL or DAX, all in a single unified platform.

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