Give Your Users the Freedom to Finally Use Power BI

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See How Our Two-Way Power BI Integration Works

Cosmos’ two-way connection with Power BI means you can access your Cosmos Data Model from within Power BI and display Power BI Workspaces from within Cosmos. Find out how it works in this short video!

Harness the Full Capabilities of Power BI

Power BI is an incredible tool that, unfortunately, not many people have been able to take full advantage of. After surveying a group at Microsoft’s largest partner conference, we discovered the high demand for a more usable Power BI – and that’s exactly what we delivered. Cosmos’ Power BI Integration is designed to reduce the need for support and help users become more self sufficient with Power BI data visualizations and dashboards.

6 Important Facts About Power BI

To leverage Power BI for Business Central, there are certain details you need to know about setup, data management, and user enablement. Download our whitepaper to learn 6 essential facts that pave the way to Power BI success!

Remove the Complexities of Power BI

One of the biggest struggles with Power BI is how complicated it is to use without advanced technical knowledge or access to denormalized data. That’s a thing of the past with Cosmos’ Power BI Integration. Our custom API allows you to hook Power BI up directly with your Cosmos Data Model, so that you have data Power BI likes and can use right away.


Download Guide: Power BI and Business Central

Access Your Reports and Dashboards From Anywhere

Cosmos uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials (the same that you use for Business Central and Office products) so you can access all of your Power BI workspaces and dashboards right next to your Excel-based financial and operational reports in one unified platform. And it’s not just into Cosmos. With this integration, you can have Cosmos-fueled Power BI dashboards and workspaces inside of Teams, CRM, Business Central, and more!

Gain Deeper Insight into Your Data

When it comes to analyzing large amounts of information, data visualization tools are essential to spot opportunities, explore patterns, and share information. Cosmos provides the governed data and simplified drag-and-drop functionality users need to start instantly creating and customizing Power BI dashboards.

Let’s Chat About Your Power BI Project!

Cosmos & Power BI FAQ

Yes. Cosmos offers functionality to leverage your Cosmos data from directly within Microsoft Power BI. This allows you to skip writing data queries, SQL code, and DAX language, inside of Power BI. In addition, Cosmos can read Power BI workspaces, reports, and dashboards, on a per user basis and display them inside of the users Cosmos tenant. 

Read: Power BI and Business Central: 6 Facts You Need to Know for Success 

Yes. With Cosmos, you can create dashboards in Microsoft Excel, or ideally, in Microsoft Power BI via our 2-way Power BI integration. Since your data is already in a format that Power BI ‘likes’, you can hook up to your Cosmos data model in just a few clicks and begin creating dashboards via drag & drop functionality. No coding required. 

Yes, technical support is included for every Cosmos customer. 

Ready To Start Your Cosmos Journey?

Give us 30-minutes and we’ll give you the path to lightning-fast, self-service reporting for Business Central.


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