Break Free of Reporting Limits in Business Central

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Compare Reporting Options in Business Central

Read this blog to navigate the scope of available report building tools in Business Central and how to overcome some of the obstacles.

Build, Modify, and Share Accurate Reports From One Place

Cosmos was designed to eliminate the bottlenecks that so many organizations face when they need to create a report. With a familiar Excel interface and data that has already been optimized for reporting, Cosmos streamlines and simplifies the process so your users get the answers they need when and where they need them.

 Unparalleled Reporting Speed

Unparalleled Reporting Speed

Run reports 48x faster than other Excel-based reporting solutions.
Centralized, Secure Data

Centralized, Secure Data

Manage all financial and operational reports in a single unified cloud platform.
 Reporting for Everyone

Reporting for Everyone

Empower users with intuitive self-service reporting tools they can quickly learn and use.

“When using Cosmos, it feels like pushing the EASY button. I don’t have to have any technical knowledge or remember a lot of things; I can just run the pipeline report and the data flows in.”

Dave Pittenger, Controller
Layne Water Midstream

Eliminate the Technical Burden of Reporting

By providing all the benefits of a traditional data warehouse (without the expensive price tag), Cosmos users can quickly and easily move, cleanse, and organize data from Business Central into a single data model that is optimized for reporting. This data model can be extended and customized based on each organization’s needs, including custom tables and fields.

Experience Turnkey Reports From Day One

Cosmos’ intuitive cloud reporting platform allows users to easily create, customize, and share reports and dashboards without worrying about the underlying data structure or requiring technical expertise. With simplified data migration, effortless installation, and quick user adoption, users can create reports immediately with access to 30 pre-built, fully customizable Business Central reports directly out-of-the-box.

Cosmos Product Overview in Less Than 3 Minutes

Cosmos Product Insight Video

Run Unlimited Reports Simultaneously

It’s not uncommon to set aside days to collect and run your entire finance, executive, sales, and operations report packages from Business Central. Not with Cosmos. Instead of restricting you to run one report at a time, you can now run unlimited reports simultaneously, without tying up Excel or other business applications.


How to Overcome Business Central’s Top 7 Reporting Challenges

Manage Your Reports From Anywhere

Running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, you can easily access, organize, and update reports in the Cosmos Portal from anywhere on any device, at any time. Once you login to Cosmos, you can:

  • Access existing reports and dashboards
  • Create new reports and dashboards
  • Manage user permissions and roles
  • Edit your businesses data model

How to Overcome Business Central’s Top 7 Reporting Challenges


Cosmos Reporting FAQ

Anything you have data for. Financial reports, operational reports, dashboards, etc. Cosmos is a single solution for all the reports your business needs. If you have the data in BC, you can report off of it with Cosmos. 

Any data within your Business Central (BC) environment can be surfaced via Cosmos. This includes and custom tables, fields, per tenant extensions, ISV tables, etc. If it’s in Business Central, Cosmos can report off of it. 

Yes. Users can click on a cell, press the drilldown button, and in seconds they can see the transactional detail that makes up that number.

No, there’s no coding required to create reports or modify the underlying data model. The entire product is built for business users, not technical resources. 

Yes. There are dozens of reports that are available for immediate use via the Cosmos Report Gallery. Unlike other tools, all of these will work out of the box, on day 1. 

Read: 30 Business Central Reports You Should Be Using Today 

Yes. Users can schedule reports to run and distribute automatically based on the date, time, and frequency they prefer. They can also determine the subject and body of the email that the report is sent out with, as well as who receives the report via email. 

Our BC Extension on AppSource allows Cosmos to pull in data from any table or field within Business Central. This includes custom tables and fields, ISV tables, per tenant extensions, etc. If it’s in your BC tenant, Cosmos has access to it for reporting.

No. While Cosmos reports are designed in Microsoft Excel, they don’t actually run inside of Excel. Instead, we developed an engine in the cloud which yields much greater performance. This also means that you’re free to use your Excel instance while reports are running.

Yes. Unlike other Excel based tools, Cosmos can run reports simultaneously which removes the bottleneck of waiting for one report to finish before running another report. 

Yes, technical support is included for every Cosmos customer. 

Ready To Start Your Cosmos Journey?

Give us 30-minutes and we’ll give you the path to lightning-fast, self-service reporting for Business Central.


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