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Let’s face it, most of the third-party reporting, BI, and data management tools currently offered for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central fall short of what your customer’s need. They work well enough, but at the end of the day they were all built for non-cloud ERP platforms and present challenges in speed, performance, ease-of-use, and publisher support. With Cosmos, you can now present a true cloud reporting solution to your customers.

Our Business Central customers were looking for a third-party reporting solution that was faster and easier to use. With Cosmos support (and their helpful training videos), everyone is happy!

Grasiella Edwards, Operations Manager

Why Become a Cosmos Partner?

As the first (and only) cloud reporting platform built for Business Central, Cosmos is easy to use and most importantly, easy to sell. Your customers get access to a unified reporting solution that is fast, intuitive, and built for data-driven decision making – and partners get access to a comprehensive learning center and a simplified pricing model that’s easy to understand. Your Cosmos partner benefits also include:

Faster Than the Competition Faster Than the Competition When we say lightning-fast, we mean it: Cosmos runs an average of 48X faster than other Excel reporting tools! Powered by Microsoft Azure, it’s also notably quicker and easier to install than other report writers, so you can get your customers live and producing accurate data in less than a day.
Immediate Results Immediate Results Cosmos was designed to simplify the process of importing and cleaning data with just a few clicks. That means your customers can start easily creating accurate, meaningful reports immediately out-of-the-box – without worrying about the underlying structure.
Ongoing Marketing Support Ongoing Marketing Support As a Cosmos partner, we’re here to make your success our mission by providing comprehensive training, demos, and marketing support. From campaigns to regular product updates, our team can help you start building a recurring revenue source for your business.

Seeing is Believing

We know that many Business Central customers are still struggling to access the data and reports they need. To get them producing valuable and accurate reports immediately, Cosmos includes a set of 30 essential pre-built business reports out-of-the-box. Browse the eBook below for a comprehensive overview of each of these free reports.

Make Your Cosmos Launch a Success

Communicating with your customers about the great benefits Cosmos offers shouldn’t be rocket science! So, we made this as easy as possible. The Cosmos Partner Resource Portal is designed to help you quickly onboard your team and sell Cosmos to your customers and prospects. When you become a Cosmos Partner, you get instant access to:


  • Exclusive sales assets and marketing resources to add to your marketing stack
  • Easily customizable plug-and-play campaigns to simplify the sales cycle
  • Cobranding opportunities to create additional revenue
  • Always up-to-date pricing and licensing information
  • Marketing request form for ideas and new assets

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