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Why Should You Replace Jet Reports?

When report costs, complexities, delays, and lack of perceived value reach a tipping point, it’s time to make a change.

If you’re currently using Jet Reports but are dissatisfied with how it is performing, Cosmos is the intuitive and economical cloud-based reporting alternative.

Explore the Advantages of Cosmos

Generate Reports 48x Faster!

Unparalleled speed and performance are the essence of Cosmos. While Jet Reports is widely known to have major performance issues against Business Central cloud, Cosmos was built for it. As a result, Cosmos reports run 48x faster than Jet Reports.

“It used to take me half a day and a separate laptop to run and calculate my commission’s report using our on-premise reporting software. With Cosmos in the cloud, I can run this report in seconds!”

Amy Axness, Direction of Finance
J&D Manufacturing

Accelerate User Adoption

Our true self-service reporting solution provides a centralized platform to navigate existing reports and dashboards, design new ones, manage users, edit data models, and more – all in one place. Cosmos users can start creating reports from day one because:

  • We are built with a familiar, Excel-based environment
  • No technical expertise or coding is required
  • Data from customizations and third-party add-on extensions are automatically available
  • 30+ pre-built, easily customizable reports for Business Central are available out-of-the-box
  • We offer a comprehensive library of online training videos and tutorials
  • We provide personalized, responsive service to answer questions and deliver support

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Eliminate Reporting Bottlenecks

In Jet Reports, it’s commonly required to allocate several days and dedicated machines to run a set of reports, so it doesn’t tie up Excel or other critical business applications. If you switch to Cosmos, you’ll get that time back.

Cosmos allows for unlimited, simultaneous report refreshes and updates – which means you can run, refresh, and share those month-end reports in a couple of hours (or sometimes in minutes).

Get the Complete Comparison Chart and Start Your Replacement Journey!

Dive deep into a side-by-side comparison of both Business Central reporting tools to uncover the distinct features and advantages each platform offers.

Experience True Cloud Reporting

One of the most strategic reasons to replace Jet Reports is because it is not cloud-based. Although it can be deployed as a hosted solution, it’s expensive, runs slow, and doesn’t include all the true cloud functionality you’d expect as a Business Central user. In fact, most reporting options on the market for Dynamics were built for legacy ERP systems, like NAV, and simply haven’t caught up.

Cosmos is the first and only cloud reporting and analytics solution designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Cosmos seamlessly integrates into your Microsoft technology stack and provides unmatched speed, security, scalability, and cost savings.

Enjoy Premium Customer Service

Cosmos is renowned for its exceptional customer service and support. We pride ourselves on having a responsive team available to assist you through phone, email, or remote access.

Our support and development teams collaborate closely with every customer to offer personalized assistance, ranging from extra training and resolving issues to designing custom reports.

With Cosmos as your partner, we can migrate any report currently utilized in Jet Reports to Cosmos, granting you instant access to the full capabilities of our software.

We Make Migrating Easy!

All the NAV or Business Central reports that you are currently using with Jet Reports can be converted to Cosmos without any disruptions. At no cost, we’ll evaluate your report library, data requirements, customizations and extensions, and priorities to build the best transition plan for you!



“The Cosmos support folks were incredibly responsive and helpful. They would dive into the report with us, making sure that we understood why it wasn’t working or what training we needed to make it work correctly.”

Anthony Bramante, President and Owner
In Control

Why Choose Cosmos for Business Central Reporting?

Why Choose Cosmos for Business Central Reporting Video

Business Central Reporting That Goes Beyond Other Providers

At Cosmos, our mission is to help Business Central users make data-driven decisions at the speed of business. By replacing Jet Reports with Cosmos, you get to take advantage of:

Lightning-Fast Reporting

Lightning-Fast Reporting

Cosmos runs reports 48 times faster than any other Excel reporting system and allows users to run unlimited reports simultaneously without tying up Excel or other business applications.
User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

With a familiar Excel environment, governed data, and intuitive report authoring tools, Cosmos is built for users – with zero technical expertise required.
Unified Cloud Platform

Unified Cloud Platform

Cosmos is built in the cloud, just like your Business Central system. Our centralized platform provides speed, security, scalability, and cost savings.
Value from Day One

Value from Day One

Start creating reports in Cosmos quickly with single day installation, self-paced training, pre-built reports, and highly responsive support.

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