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Cosmos Support Overview

Cosmos is committed to the success and happiness of our customers and partners. Cosmos Support is offered, free of charge, to all customers that have a current, non-expired Cosmos subscription and to all partners with a current, non-expired Partner Agreement.

As part of this commitment, Cosmos will respond to all support inquiries submitted by the methods covered in the Contacting Support section below within a maximum of 1 business day, but the majority of all replies are made within a few hours of being received.

While many support inquiries can be resolved via email, Cosmos will also work closely with our customers and partners through other means such as recorded videos and online meetings using services such as Microsoft Teams to ensure that the needs of our customers and partners are being met and exceeded.

What is Covered Under Cosmos Support

The Cosmos Support Team is here to assist our customers and partners with any issues that may arise while using our product. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting and resolving error messages that arise when using the product
  • Working through data connectivity issues to the data sources being used
  • Answering general questions on how to use the product
  • Pointing users to any existing training resources that will help answer their support inquiry
  • Providing guidance on best practices as they relate to using the Cosmos product

Creating and/or modifying specific reports or data model extensions (e.g. building out custom deliverables) is not covered as a free service under Cosmos Support. This would instead fall under a paid services engagement.

Contacting Support

The most efficient way to contact Support is to use the Cosmos Support Portal, an online support system that provides you with access to Knowledgebase articles and the ability to submit and monitor Support tickets. The Cosmos Support Portal can be accessed from the link here:

In addition to submitting support requests through the Cosmos Support Portal, you can also send an email to which will automatically create a support case for you.

Case Closure Process

The Cosmos Support Team will close a case when a resolution has been provided that resolves the issue for the user or when a bug has been logged that will fix the issue in a future release. If the issue will be fixed in a future release, the user will be notified once the fix has been added to the product.

Conditions for case closure include:

  • Both Cosmos and the customer agree the case has been resolved.
  • Within 14 days of receipt of the proposed solution, the customer either has not tested or has not communicated the results of testing the solution.
  • After three attempts to obtain additional information, the customer does not or is unable to provide the requested information within 14 days of the original request.
  • Cosmos has identified the issue as a suggestion for product development and is not something that is supported in the product currently.
  • The case occurs in an unsupported configuration and cannot be reproduced in a supported configuration.
  • The case occurs in an unsupported configuration, has been reproduced in a supported configuration, and Support has supplied a solution or update that resolves the case in the supported configuration in the most current product version.

Once a case has been closed, it can be re-opened by the customer through the Cosmos Support Portal.

Customer Surveys

Another very important part of continuous improvement for Cosmos is the opportunity to get feedback from customers to drive our process and service quality. Customer satisfaction surveys will be automatically sent for all closed cases. Whenever a case is closed, the system will send an email with a link to a short survey form. These surveys measure the user’s satisfaction with the quality of Support that they received. We take these surveys very seriously, and we use them as input for improvement in our Cosmos Support Team, software offering, and our company. Please take the time to respond. We want your feedback.

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